Does Your Website Promote Engagement?

Were you just focused on a flashy website design? Or is your website an automated machine that engages your website visitors?

That’s often the top priority for many when their putting together their website and creating their online presence.

Too many businesses put their focus on how their website looks and fail to realize that they need visitors to actually engage with the site in order to convert them into customers. Since your website is out their in cyber space – it’s important that it’s working like a fully automated machine doing it’s job.

One important question to ask yourself – have you made it easy for visitors to engage with your website?

Many business owners feel that if they’ve provided the information then that is enough. But that can often mean that vital information is buried within content. And since many visitors scan a web page – there’s no guarantee that they’ll see it. So if the important stuff isn’t clearly standing out you’re risking that it will be missed. If visitors don’t see it – they can’t engage.

And if visitors aren’t engaging with your website – they’re not doing what you want them to do. They’re not clicking links to gather more information. They’re not clicking call to action buttons. They’re not signing up for newsletters.

Set Goals

What is it you want your visitors to do while they’re on your website? It’s vital that you first identify what exactly you want your visitors to do – and then make sure that those elements are the most prominent on your website. Believe it or not, many businesses fail to consider this when designing their websites.

The only way to get visitors to interact and engage with those features is to make sure that those features are highly visible and noticeable. And don’t forget to add some credibility to encourage trust.

When you’re designing your website for maximum engagement, consider the Prominence-Interpretation theory. The theory states that in order for visitors to consider your site credible, they must first notice the elements that will create credibility and further create credibility.

So how can you ensure that your important stuff is noticed? Make that important stuff really prominent.

Here are some tips to make sure that the important stuff is prominent.

There are no guarantees that your visitors will scroll down your pages. Make sure that you keep the important stuff that you want noticed above-the-fold.

Headlines are the most important piece of your copywriting. It’s what propels your visitors to read further. Make sure that your headlines are large and compelling.

Call to action buttons should also be big and bold and in a color that stands out from the background.

Screenshot of button that reads 'See How It Works'.

Make a list of the most important actions that you want your visitors to take. Then, make sure that those actions are the most important factors on your web page.

If you want visitors to sign up for your newsletter – make sure that it’s highly visible. Also add elements of trust such as a privacy statement stating that you’ll never share their email address.

If you want your visitors to sign up for your services – add testimonials near the call to action. Consider adding an image of the person making the testimonial as doing so has been shown to increase credibility and raise conversions. For one site, adding the photo of the person making the testimonial in a prominent place increased conversions by 102.5%

Comparison of two website designs.


Not only is it important to engage with visitors but it’s important that you’re able to analyze that engagement. If you’re not checking the stats on how visitors are engaging – there’s no real way to ascertain the effectiveness of primary engagement points.

There are several tools on the market to consider when it comes to engagement and analyzing that engagement.

Crazy Egg heat maps are a colored visualization showing where visitors are clicking and where they’re not clicking. It can be surprising to see visitors are clicking in an area where there is no clickable element therefore giving the insight to possibly add a clickable element in that area as visitors are seeking it.

The heat maps also show how far down a page visitors are scrolling.

Qualaroo surveys create visitor feedback and analysis of that feedback.

Clicktale playback sessions allow you to watch the mouse movement and activity occurring on your website by individual visitors.

HotJar is a packaged solution that offers all of these solutions in a bundled package. It offers exit polls, surveys, proactive chat, heat mapping and visitor playback sessions. It also offers a funnel and form analysis that reveals where visitors are dropping off.

Any of these tools would provide invaluable feedback as to how visitors are engaging with your site.


Assuming that your visitors are finding everything on your site is a huge risk – not worth taking.

Including information isn’t enough – especially if it’s tucked away within your copy. Remember, website visitors tend to scan web pages.

Prominence is vital. Whether it’s with big bright and bold call to action buttons, large headlines or keeping the important stuff above the fold.

If it’s nearly impossible to miss your important stuff – then you’re making it much easier for your visitors to engage with your website.

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