How to Use One Technology to Reduce Visitor Abandonment

The trend of spending money on digital marketing continues to rise as online marketers continue to see it’s return on investment. Unfortunately, after marketers spend their budgets on digital marketing – website visitor abandonment also continues to rise.

The average website abandonment rate is believed to be between 70-90%.  Baymard Institute reports shopping cart abandonment at a 65% average.That means that shoppers were interested in the product, added it to their cart – but then decided to abandon that purchase.Visitor abandonment is a frustrating obstacle for most online merchants as they strive for a higher return on investment from their digital marketing campaigns.

While these statistics are very discouraging - one technology is helping to reduce the problematic issue of site abandonment.

Exit-Intent is a fairly new technology that is able to detect visitor abandonment through a visitors mouse movements and the velocity of those mouse movements. In fact, Exit-Intent technology is able to detect abandonment within milliseconds. Once that abandonment is detected, an attractive last moment incentive is presented to the abandoning visitor to re-engage them and pull them back in before they abandon.

This technology is invaluable because without it in place, abandoning visitors are permanently lost.  By implementing it, you are able to re-engage those visitors with the intention of leaving your site and convert them into buyers.

Econsultancy report that simple pop-ups can increase conversions by up to 400%.  However, Exit-Intent is far more valuable than a simple pop-up as it pulls visitors back in as they are about to abandon. Online marketing guru, Neil Patel, has also used Exit-Intent - increasing his contact sign-ups by 48%. It’s truly a tool that is changing the game in lost conversions by abandoning visitors.

Rooster offers a robust Exit-Intent solution that is doing well at converting abandoning visitors into customers.

Take a look at one of their case studies.

Case Study:  XeroShoes Educates Abandoning Visitors and Turns Them Into Customers

XeroShoes is uniquely designed footware that mimics the experience of being barefoot.  The company was founded by Steven Sashen after he had incurred several running injuries and a friend shared with him the benefits of running barefoot.

Steven knew that some might be skeptical about such a line of footware – so he implemented that fact into his overall design strategy.

Steven prepared a researched report that told the benefits of running barefoot.  When it was detected that visitors were leaving his site, they were presented with this free report.

Screenshot of website XeroShoes


Offering the report to abandoning visitors worked well. 2.5% of visitors who were abandoning downloaded the free report. From those who downloaded the report – 28.4% went on to purchase XeroShoes barefootware.

There are many ways to use exit-intent to re-engage abandoning visitors. Free ebooks and discount codes are just a few ways. However, you can really use any creative idea that you can strategize to bring visitors back onboard.


Exit-Intent is an invaluable tool that gives you that one last opportunity to re-engage abandoning visitors with your site before they leave permanently.

As abandonment rates continue to climb, it’s one way to increase the return on your digital marketing investment. Without it, marketing dollars are lost as visitors walk away.

Instead of watching visitors permanently walk away – consider implementing it to pull abandoning visitors back in and converting them into customers.

Most Exit-Intent solutions offer free trials where you can first evaluate if there is a rise in conversions. You can then evaluate whether or not there is a return on investment if you decide to move forward.

It’s surely worth trying out.

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