The Importance of Email Marketing

With a multitude of alternative options for dynamic interaction with potential customers having shifted from the static platform of email to social media, it may seem the era of direct email campaigning is over. However, email marketing still has a place on the promotional scene; Caroline Malamut of Capterra writes "I truly believe that quality sales opportunities and leads can still be generated through email, as long as you're doing it effectively." Although we will just scratch the surface today, let's have a look at some of the areas that prove to hold email marketing as a valid and strong marketing option in your mix:

Increased mobility means increased email usage and brand awareness

According to a study conducted by Charles Nicholls of SeeWhy in 2013, over 50% of users access their email on their phones, and upwards of 62% of smartphone conversions came from email in 2013. While the results were published over 3 years ago, at the time of publication the amount of users accessing email from their phones was demonstrated as an upward trend, and reasons that SeeWhy cited as to explain the trend remain valid. For example, Nicholls writes that emails that direct a potential customer to specific items eliminates the friction of navigating a website on a smaller screen, thus resulting in increased conversion. They also mention that emails carry brand identity across all devices, which could be especially useful if your company has no other presence on smart devices.

Stronger measurement means stronger follow-up and better communication

Another reason to continue your email marketing campaign is that any act of interaction with an email from a company, by a user, is measurable. By choosing to track this data, a company can more accurately understand their user base and their user's motivations. This opens doors to more dynamic personalisation of their emails and their website based on an understanding of the user's intentions, as well as developing a more complex appreciation of what user's want from their company. Email marketing is one of the most practical tools for encouraging customer loyalty and repeat business, as well as acquiring new customers.

Low cost, High Value

As a form of advertising, email is quite an inexpensive option, comparatively. While it is possible to completely run email campaigns using free tools, there a plenty of reasonably priced options for businesses of any size to deploy their email marketing from. These services generally offer streamlined solutions for tracking, automation, and split testing, and more extensive services are coupled with sales monitors and a CRM to help completely overhaul a company's approach to user engagement. Tools like these are essential for customer retention and driving sales growth.

Good ol' fashioned stayin' in touch

Users who are receive email campaigns from a company have already committed to be transmitted this information, so it helps keep already engaged customers in the loop. Especially if they are personalised, emails can convey a sense that a company is showing interest in them. Email campaigns are also a convenient tool for a user to stay informed on what a company they are invested in is doing; as long as the email marketing campaigns contain quality content, reaching out to users through this medium is sure to boost engagement.

A final note…

While email marketing should not be the be-all-and-end-all of a company's interaction with their consumer base, there are plenty of compelling reasons to integrate it into their process. Business can no doubt benefit from inexpensive and effective tools for engaging with their audiences.

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