Why You Should Invite Your SEO Guy AND Your Web Developer To Your Christmas party

Don't worry, although we love a good party, this post is not a "hint, hint, nudge, nudge". Read on to find out what extra benefits you have to getting your SEO and web guy in the same room (3:02 minute read).

If you’re working on the success of your website, you realize the importance of both CRO and SEO. CRO to optimize your pages for maximum conversions and SEO to help you rank higher on search engines, therefore, bringing you more traffic.

I was an adamant believer that you should work with two separate agencies when dealing with CRO and SEO. That you should work with a CRO agency that solely focuses on CRO to get your website conversion optimized and with an SEO agency that focuses solely on SEO to get your website search engine optimized.

I just felt that if you’re working with an agency that does both, the services might be diluted.

Although I still hold the belief they should be departmentalised, I have come to realize that CRO and SEO have to work collaboratively to ensure maximum results. There are tasks that, if not approached equally from both skillset, often suffer due to the perceived importance of one skillset over the other.

It is our experience that to get a successful outcome you need your SEO and CRO companies to

1. Get along
2. Collaborate with equal respect for each other's roles and skillsets.

When you’re putting together your CRO/SEO strategy, there are several things to consider…

Which Comes First? The Chicken Or the Egg?

For starters, which comes first? The answer… Start with conversion optimization.

Why? Because if you spend a bunch of money to get traffic to your site and that traffic doesn’t convert… you’ve wasted your money. All of that traffic is going to trickle right out of your sales funnel along with all your hard earned money.

If you focus on CRO first, however, that money is immediately well invested and conversions will begin to rise. Now you can start bringing in that traffic. Because it won’t all slip through the cracks. Instead, it will convert.

The Toes That Can Be Trodden Upon

Getting the two practices to work in tandem with one another is an art. And it’s important that they do. Otherwise, you’re wasting money on both. It’s crucial that the two work in complete harmony. Here are a few ways in which the two practices can interfere with one another.

Click-Through Path

One of the most important things to consider is the ad copy that you use to bring the traffic in and the landing page upon which those visitors will land.

I recently had a client ask me to analyze one of his landing pages. The page wasn’t all that bad. It gave detail on his services along with some credibility enforcers along with a bold call to action. But it wasn’t converting very well.

Then he told me about the copy that was used to bring in the traffic. There laid the problem. Traffic was brought in with copy that talked about receiving a free guide. The page went straight to a sales pitch and there was no evidence of a free guide unless you scrolled far down the page.

To his visitors, it likely felt like deception. And they were in no way pre-qualified to sign up for his services. They were looking for the free guide. It's vital that the click through path from search engine to landing page is very well aligned.

Using two separate agencies allows each to have their voice. You also reduce the risk that one company could focus on one practice at a time and slow down the process.

Onsite Keyword Optimisation

In SEO, there’s a need to include specified keywords throughout the text. While this helps with ranking higher on search engines, it can make your marketing message sound a little spammy. And it can also get in the way of focusing on copy that really sells.


When it comes to your choice in headings, here’s where the two practices can really step on each other’s toes. In CRO, the headline can be one of the most important pieces to getting visitors to read further and moving visitors through your funnel. The same holds true for SEO. You’re going to want to place your keywords within the headline.

Here’s where you’ll need to make sure that one doesn’t override the other because headlines matter for both practices.

Pop Ups

Pop-ups have their place in grabbing your visitor’s attention and presenting them with an offer and a call to action. The downside, however, is that Google doesn’t like them. And you can be penalized for using them.

Harmonious Success

Now that you’ve read about a few things that can negatively impact your SEO and CRO strategies, here are a few things that you can do to enhance the results for each.

Dwell Time

Search engine rankings can be affected by dwell time. Or, in other words, how long visitors are staying on your page. Make sure that your page is CRO optimized to keep visitors on your page, so that it positively affects your SEO ranking.


When your visitors are happy with their interaction on your site, they leave reviews. When you receive reviews, more opportunity opens up for you to be found on search engines.


One of Google’s algorithms involves page layout which focuses on main content, supplementary content and advertisements. Google is looking for a clutter free design. So it’s important to get this right in order to rank.


Video has shown it’s ability to improve conversions. High quality videos also help to improve your search footprint.


It’s also been proven in split tests how images can help increase conversions. By using images, you allow for the opportunity to use an alt tag to rank higher in search engines.

Meeting of the Minds

Besides utilizing the suggestions above, it’s vital that the two team work effectively together.

With every site that Smartersites engages on we encourage a planned prototype to be developed to ensure the discussions from all involved parties are taken into consideration well before any design or development is put in place. Implementing these meetings early on to discuss objectives, plan and generally "get on the same page" allows us to move forward to the site build with confidence of a strong end result.


After reading this post, I hope that you’ve realized how much CRO and SEO are actually intertwined.

Of course, it’s always every marketer’s desire to have the best skilled people working on their CRO and the best skilled people working on their SEO.But just make sure that each practice is working in the best interest of the other and not hindering the results of each.This is done through individual department focus and respectful collaboration throughout the site development.

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